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任何公共的场所都应该配上消防系统(fire fighting system),于是我仔细观察了我宿舍楼(dormitory)。

1. 手动报警装置

同个楼层(floor)的走廊(passageway)中,每隔不远处有个手动报警装置(fire alarm),上面写着


in case of fire, break the glass and push the button to activate the alarm.

在手动报警装置旁边还有两个强电井(strong electricity well)。

2. 防火卷帘

到了电梯(elevator)附近,可以看到很多消防设备(fire fighting equipment)。首先是防火卷帘按钮(fireproof polling curtain button),应该是用来阻碍火灾(fire)蔓延用的,上面写着


in case of fire, push the button to activate the fireproof curtain



prohibited to place any items.

3. 灭火器

到了电梯(elevator)门口,看到墙角(corner)有两瓶灭火器(fire extinguisher),使用方法

一取,取出灭火器:get out the fire extinguisher.

二拔,拔掉保险销:pull out the safety pin.

三压,一手握住压把,一手握住喷管:press the handle and hold the nozzle.

四喷,对准火苗根部喷射:aim the extinguisher nozzle at the base of the fire.

aim a at b :将 a 瞄准 b 。

4. 消防栓

灭火器(fire extinguisher)的上面就是消防栓(fire hydrant)了。使用方法是

开箱门:open the container.

按手报:push the fire alarm button.

拿水枪:get the fire water gun.

拉水带:pull out the hose reel.

开阀门:open the valve.

5. 消防疏散图

为了让人们容易记住逃生通道(escape passage),在电梯旁边还有一张消防疏散图(fire evacuation icons)。包括以下信息

火警 110 :fire alarm


急救中心 120:first aid center 120

灭火器:fire extinguisher

火情警报措施:fire alarm

逃生楼梯:escape stair

紧急疏散路线:evacuation route



  1. . 公众聚集场所人员密集,可燃物多,火灾负荷大,一旦发生火灾容易造成群死群伤。请您注意消防安全,勿携带易燃易爆等危险物品进入场所。

    Public gathering places with crowded assembly, plenty of combustible indoor decorative material and high fire load. In case of fire, it is difficult to put it out and easy to lead to group dies and wound. Thus, please advert to fire prevention, do not bring inflammable or explosive dangerous stuf into public gathering places.

  2. 请您留意场所内的安全疏散指示标志、安全出口的位置,一旦发生火灾,请保持镇定,可将毛巾、衣服等浸湿捂住口鼻,低头弯腰,听从现场服务员的指挥和引导,选择就近安全出口有序疏散,勿做电梯。

    Please advert to the location of evacuation indication sign and emergency exits. In case of fire, please be calm and comply with the instruction of the securers, bend over and proceed to the nearest emergency exit, and do not use elevators.

  3. 请您留意场所内消防器材和设施的位置,一旦发生火灾及时使用,实施灭火和自救,保障生命安全。

    Please advert to the location of fire control devices and facilitates. In case of fire, please use them to put out the fire, and ensure the safety of life.